Why Mallorca?

Majorca the most versatile paradise in Europe and possibly in the world. At Terra Balear we are convinced that Majorca covers all of our clients requirements and offers a vast variety of properties to suit every budget and desired style.


Quality of live

Majorca enjoys a pleasant climate for most of the year and landscape of great beauty, which was one of the reasons for the Sierra de Tramuntana being declared a World Heritage Site and contributing considerably to being one of the areas offering the best quality of life.

Apart from its beauty Majorca is a cultural island of first order, due to its historical heritage as well as its architecture, which provides it with sensational character and outstanding charm, thus converting it into a model on the international cultural scene.

Furthermore it counts with state of the art infrastructure and offers sanitary and educational services satisfying the most discerning expectancies.


Stable and growing economy

The Gross Domestic Product of Majorca experiences constant growth. After the global economic crisis suffered between 2008 and 2014, Majorca starts growing again and shows a high level of stability with an economic growth comparable to the great economic powers.

In 2015 the export figures for goods and services have shown an increase of 4.3%. Majorca has various economic focuses, the most remarkable being tourism with 80% and real estate with 15% in respect of the economic movement.

Majorca is one of the major tourist destinations in Europe with around 11.6 million of international tourists in 2015; a figure that is on the increase year after year.


Geographic location

The privileged location of Majorca and its excellent communication with the rest of Europe converts the island into an ideal platform for business and especially for the access to international markets. Majorca enjoys strategically a important position in the most dynamic area of Spain. The outstanding communication and privileged geographical location are confirmed by the great influx of visitors passing each year through Palma Airport (Sant Joan).


International connection

Palma’s airport San Joan closed the year 2015 with the highest figure ever registered in its history. For the first time in its history, Palma Airport closed with a total of 23,745,131 passengers, which signifies an increase of 2.7% compared to the previous year 2014. These figures were published in a communication issued by AENA (Spain’s Airport and Air Traffic Management Company).

It is worth mentioning that Majorca also counts with one of the major harbours in the Mediterranean as well as southern Europe; not only regarding the shipping of goods but in respect of passenger transport, which converts it into one of the most important destinations of the cruise liners travelling the área.

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